Tuesday, 21 April 2015

ROAD TRIP// Glen Etive & Kilchurn Castle

So I have been living the life of freedom this past week and as I said, it feels awesome. To top it off, a lovely friend from home came over to visit me. I knew I wanted to go to the highlands with her, which is why we rented a car and took a few other Germans with us (haha) (also I didn't drive the car, the left side driving thing is still too scary for me).

This was our route I think- we drove to Kilchurn Castle, and then along the beautiful and weirdly deserted B8074 we stopped to have a picnic- we picked a beautiful day and it didn't rain AT ALL. It was already afternoon when we drove to Glen Etive and drove all the way until we got to Loch Etive. On the way home, we stopped in Callander and had dinner.

It was an amazing day, I just love the highlands and having your own car means you can pull over whenever you want- which we did like a million times.

Alright, brace yourselves for a picture heavy post.

One of the lochs we stopped at just to take a picture.. and I already forgot which one this was...

This beauty was so still, the mirror image is perfect.

Obviously we couldn't pass on the photo op.
I defff wanna have a jeep one day. They just look too cool and seem really practical haha

Kilchurn Castle!

View from Kilchurn Castle
We are photo obsessed.

View from the castle.

Denise is a very skillful photographer

Yes yes, there she is.

I think this is already Glen Etive
It has the most beautiful river with shiny glittering water that you just wanna swim in.

At the very end, Loch Etive.

Alright I will end it here, I am super tired and I have a lot more pictures coming of other stuff... who is ready for some more Edinburgh?

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