Thursday, 2 April 2015

How to get strong eyebrow game

We all need eyebrows, don't we? Otherwise we would look like this...Not so cool.

About two years ago, I heard about the Benefit Brow Bar and when it came to John Lewis here in Edinburgh, I had to try it out. Benefit waxes and tints eyebrows and creates a shape that suits your face. They are like magicians, I am telling you. They can bring out the best shape the way you never could do it yourself. Thanks to a beautician in my village in Germany, my eyebrows have not been horrible per se. But I plucked them myself and it's one of those dangerous activities- "just one more hair, then I will stop"- and all of the sudden you end up with something like this.

This is a little video I found on YouTube to show you what they do.

Now I sadly don't have a glorious before and after picture of my eyebrows, but I guess these come close:

It's not just me, look at other results from the Benefit Brow Bar: x and x and x   So I started going to Benefit regularly now, about every six weeks or so. I used to get them tinted too but rarely do so anymore. My eyebrows are naturally really dark and I barely see a difference, so I just get them waxed. Ever since, I have turned about five of my friends in to benefit-believers and we never looked back! I cannot stress enough how amazing they are, every time they just make you eyebrows look so much cleaner, more defined and more out there. In the UK, it's 11£ for just the wax and 18£ for a wax and tint. Not super cheap, but definitely worth it!

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