Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Bye March, hello April!

March is seriously over. It was not anything like spring, I did not feel like spring was coming most of the time, but hey- this is still Scotland. In my previous monthly summary post I shared this to do list for March and I can proudly say I checked almost all of the items! Most of the time this month I felt like a caveman, just getting up every morning and sitting at my desk ALL.DAY. Exhausting and boring.

go to a hot yoga class

I did have it planned, but then something came up. However, there is a yoga studio on my street (!!), so I have like no excuses.

write my effing dissertation (THIS IS NOT A DRILL JOYCE!)

I mean it is not finished, but I have a full draft and I cannot wait to be over and done with it.

go crazy for St. Patrick's Day because I finished my dissertation draft (see above ><)

I didn't even have my draft finished back then haha, but St. Patrick's Day cannot be ignored, no no.

slowly get rid of things I don't need (our move out date is end of May, help!)

Does it count that I booked a flight home in May and that I will bring back a full suitcase of just useless stuff? I am hoarder, I admit it. I love keeping things because I think that one day, I will need them. Sometimes that has been true, most of the time probably not. Haha

finally go to all the art galleries in Edinburgh

Okay it was definitely not all of them, but I went to the one I really wanted to go to for ages!

Alright April, what have you got in mind? I cannot believe it is actually here- we survived winter more or less (although I am scared of our electricity bill), the semester is pretty much over, I have time on my hands... what??! My friend who's been wanting to come for ages, is finally coming over for a visit- SO EXCITED!!!! I can't wait to show her Edinburgh and be a tourist again as well for a bit...so yes, April should be good!

take touristy pictures of Edinburgh
celebrate like there is no tomorrow
finish my last assignments - and Uni- with a BANG
go to a hot yoga class (for realz)

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