Friday, 20 March 2015

Dissertation brains and a tiny bit of freedom

So I came home from Uni earlier and actually realized that it's Friday. The distinction between weekday and weekend and fun and work is long gone for me, so it's rare that a Friday night feels like one. But today, oh glorious Friday, you truly are one.
It terrifies me that March is almost over, because I think these past two weeks I have been doing nothing but writing my dissertation. Like non-stop. Procrastinating did not mean YouTube, it meant creating the bibliography, playing around with fonts or doing my pretty cover sheet, but either way, it was all about the D-word. And now that I sent that first draft to my supervisor, I guess this is the first time I actually don't really have to think about it. At least for today.

I am of course lying a tiny bit, I also had some fun and did some other things.

That is why I am already on season 3 of Misfits and am helplessly in love with this one

An equally strong love of mine is this song, the intro song for the amazing new show called Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt- if you haven't already, watch it RIGHT NOW on Netflix. I have binge watched it within 2 days and now gutted that I have to wait until the next season comes out. Ughr.

A Five Guys restaurant has opened near our Uni, and I have been dreaming about their burger ever since I had one in November in Birmingham (super excited to be near one really soon!) So on Wednesday, the day finally came. I am almost drooling while I am writing this, jesus. It was SO GOOD and now I want another one. Damn it.
via x

And then this one day, I think we were celebrating the Birmingham thing, we went to Vodka Rev and had some vodka boats. As you can see, this was super exciting.

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  1. Oah der Burger, ich will auch! Und Simon (wie auch immer der Schauspieler heißt). Das ist so einer, der diesen unerklärlichen britischen Sexfaktor hat. Wenn du ihn das erste Mal siehst denkst du "ew ist der komisch" und je länger du ihn anschaust desto heißer wird er. Ich bete gerade, dass mir nicht noch dasselbe mit Benedict Cumberbatch passiert - anders kann ich mir den Hype nämlich nicht erklären, der hat ein WIRKLICH komisches Gesicht :D
    Finde das genial, dass man in Englisch immer von der "Dissertation" reden darf. Das klingt dann wie Doktorarbeit. Viel Erfolg weiterhin damit!