Sunday, 22 March 2015

The beauty of the Lake District

I think I have mentioned before that I work as a tour guide and sometimes accompany bus tours in to either the Highlands or to the Lake District. As much as I love the beautiful raw nature of the Highlands, the Lake District is not close behind.The three hour drive down from Edinburgh to Windermere is stunning and I am lucky that I sit next to the driver and have the freedom to just stare out the window through the massive front window. Never mind if going in winter or spring or fall, the landscape never fails to take my breath away and really all I wanna do is get out of the bus and run around in the fields. I was lucky enough to grow up with a lot of fields around my house, but the part of Germany I'm from is reaaaally flat. So the Lake District is massively fascinating to me with all these hills and rivers and stone walls and cute sheep... so proper English and so painfully beautiful. And just because I can't take great pictures on these bus tours, I have found some nice ones on Flickr that are pretty much exactly what I am talking about.
So if any one needs some travel inspiration, here you go!

A river runs through it, Great Langdale Valley, Lake District, Cumbria, England ( View Large! )

the Eastern shore of Windermere, Lake District, UK

Wetherlam view, The Lake District

Lake District - Scout Scar - Kent Estuary

Below Cunswick Scar, Kendal.

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