Sunday, 22 March 2015

A new design +more stuff!

I know this blog has been really quiet, but I have had plenty of ideas for it and never did anything about it. This wonderful weekend without any dissertation poop finally let me focus on this space and so here we go, a slightly different design.
I have added something I wanted to do for AGES: The pages underneath the header. Especially for like travel related things, you can now go on "my adventures" and find ways to look at my posts relating to Camp America, Texas or whatever you want to find.

Then there is also the regular search bar in the sidebar on the right, underneath the archive. Search results will display like this, which I really like:

If you want to find posts with a certain label, look at the bottom of the right sidebar, this is where you can find the labels I used most often. I use labels for each post, and I like to go a bit crazy with them, so I have a ridiculous amount of tags, so you can even find posts where I have used a list. Um yes. I like searchability!

Also, at the end of every post (not if you are reading my blog 'normally', only if you read a specific post- so click on the title of it if you want to!), it will now suggest similar posts you might like. Yay!

I have had an about me page for longer, but it was always a bit hidden. You had to click on my profile picture- that still works, but it is also accessible through the top links underneath the header. And for new readers, this will be even easier.

Now I hope this will make life a tiny bit easier on this blog.
Let me know what you think! (or if something's not working!)