Wednesday, 25 March 2015

My favorite male TV characters

1. Phil Dunphy
Now Modern Family is one of my favorite shows, but mostly because they have a pretty cool variety of men. Phil is my favorite, because he is the most amazing blend of feminist, funny, caring, and never embarrassed of anything. Even though he comes pretty close to the sitcom stereotype of the 'fool dad', his character is not nearly as shallow. Phil seems completely oblivious to homosexuality as something other people object to. When he realises that other people perceive him as gay, he just sighs, shrugs and proceeds with his life. Phil’s blissful unawareness of these events is so heart warming. A male character who is confident about his own masculinity is rare on television! I mean, compare this to  Adam on  Rules of Engagement. He is constantly shown in stereotypical gay ways, laughed at for his cheerleader and a-capella group background and never taken seriously by the other characters. Even though Adam is engaged to a woman in the show, his heterosexuality is questioned for most of the series. It is always used to ridicule him. One more reason to love Modern Family- their treatment and portrayal of different kinds of masculinity is something I really enjoy watching.

 2. Marshall Erickson
It's really difficult not to like Marshall- I mean, look at him. He's the perfect combination of smart, funny, sporty, lazy, passionate and super cool. Who doesn't envy his and Lilly's relationship in HIMYM? I sure do. His loyalty and understanding of her is adorable, his crazy phases are more than forgivable and he just seems to have his priorities straight. While Ted is just all over the place and always reminded me of Ross from Friends (not in a good way), Marshall was the relatable one. Okay, he might be super superstitious and believes in the Loch Ness monster, but I think that is completely acceptable, haha. And my favorite part about him is that he and Lilly do hilarious partner costumes for Halloween.

3. Jesse Pinkman
Breaking Bad is interesting in so far that there is no likeable character. Everyone has serious flaws, to the extent where you cannot believe you are still watching these horrible people. Jesse is the character that got me through this series. Most of the time, he was breaking my heart because he never seems to get a real shot at happiness. All you want for him is to finally find that right person, to change and get out of this just want to take care of him! It's just so painful watch his emotional rollercoaster. And one a side note, Aaron Paul's beauty does not hurt, that's for sure.


  1. haha love it - especially #1! the best part is i've met him and he was amazing in person too!