Saturday, 16 June 2012

kitchen vs counselor

So here at Camp I am working in the kitchen- I applied for this job because I did not really want to be responsible for kids this summer, the job is better (not well though) paid as the counselor job and you have more time off. When you are a counselor you basically have to be with the children 24/7. They can wake you up at night when they need to pee or when they are scared. The 2 hours off you get every day is not a lot to recharge your batteries.

Sometimes I wish I could be playing with the kids outside and be more involved in camp life when I have to wash their dishes. But then again, when the dishes are done I can go and do whatever I like.
Since we are a small camp, counselors and kitchen staff (I mean, it is just me and the Ukrainian girl (see in the picture!) and the Cook) are not seperated like it can be at bigger camps. So I try to do as much with the others as possible.

So toooday, we are going to play in the mud.
Oh yes.

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