Friday, 8 June 2012

summer is upon us

the waterfront at sunset

We are finally at our Camp again, after 5 days of staff training at a partner camp. I am so happy with my girls and my camp and I feel so blessed that I did not end up at a horrible camp with horrible people. We are about 15 girls (and one guy, our cook) and they are the funniest and nicest people I could have asked for. There is me, one Ukrainian girl and two English girls (one is still to come), the rest is American. Everyone is completely obsessed with the British accents and everyone is secretly copying Puddin's Londoner accent.

Tomorrow the first group of kids is coming and I cannot wait!!! Until now everything just felt like a big slumber party/field trip with friends and in fact, Camp is all about having fun with friends and I am so excited for the summer- the horse riding, the archery (I already tried it and I LOVE IT), the canoeing and just fun with the girls.

woop woop!

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  1. <3 sounds amazing! happy that it all worked out so well! :)