Monday, 25 February 2013

Project: living room

the living room now
There is so much potential in this room and it is driving me crazy. I have dreamed of having a room of this size with a fireplace, stucco decoration and untouched walls for so long.
Now we have it right there and it's just... meh.
To give this room a make over is going to be my summer project. I am going to be by myself in this flat probably all summer and while I am going to work, I need something else.
This is perfect.
We already started with a photo wall, which I am going to show soon.

However, the sheer size of it makes it even harder to just get it over with quickyl. & our money situation does not help either.

This is what it looks like now:

 We have the TV where it is mostly because of where the outlet is. Every thing else was just ...there.What I though of instead is something like this:
I kind of like this arrangement because I tried to make the fireplace a bit of the centre of attention and the dining area less... massive. We really do not need it that much and even if, it is too big.
My plans are:
  • having a mini bar in the top left corner
  • &
  • having the couches face the TV but also not to far away from the fireplace
Sadly we have to live with the carpet, the ugly rugs and the fact that we cannot damage the walls. Urghhh

What I want is something like this:

I love the walls and all the pillows!

I would kill for a brick wall like that

so cozy!

pretty walls

lovely mantle piece
! you can find all the links to the pictures in this Pinterest board: flat inspiration!

I have a plan and I really hope I can make the room much nicer.
The ugliness kills me.

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