Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Tattoo tuesday

Tuesday might be almost over but I will try to squeeze this post in anyways.
I think a lot about my year in New York and the tattoo I got to honor this whole experience:

The bad (?) thing about tattoos is that you always want to get more. Jeeez, I wanted to get another one a week after I got that one. Surprisingly, I have not done it yet.
There are too many nice ideas out there but I really want to wait until one idea stay with me for longer.
Anyway, does not hurt to get a little inspiration:

I love the spot behind the ear!
love the shiny colors

so sweet and small!
 the statue of liberty- so cool!

I love feet tattoos and the colors are so pretty!
What can I say, I am a sucker for skylines


  1. Das Armband mit dem Anker! <3 oder das auf dem Fuß, aber das passt glaub ich bei deinem jetzt nicht mehr so gut...

  2. SKYLINE!!! super hübsch! :)