Friday, 10 October 2014

Friday Favorites

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I might just be slightly obsessed with Matt Smith as the Doctor. I keep watching episodes when I am on the bus, in my bed, in the gym... everywhere! Having the Netflix app on my phone doesn't really help stopping this either... Ah!

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I mean who doesn't love a good Buzzfeed article, right? This one will make you either really happy or really sad, depending on where you live. It gives me goosebumps, that's for sure. Look here for 53 (!!) reasons why living in Edinburgh will ruin you for life. 

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 If you have followed this blog for a bit, you probably realise that I am a major fan of Halloween. I wish it was a week long! All the costume possibilities, party opportunities... aaah one day is just not enough! As it falls on a perect weekend this year, I have high hopes. Anyway, as my flatmates are just as obsessed as I am, we are having a themed party in our flat... (again).
This time the theme is HARRY POTTER!! We cannot wait to put all of our ideas in to action. ( btw I am in Ravenclaw, what are you?)

& last but not least, these blog posts:
Motherhood Around the World- As a former nanny, I have loved all posts of this series, but this is probably my favorite.
Post-Trip Depression: It’s Often Emotionally Harder to Come Home than Go Away- The "downside" of traveling and coming home. So sad and true.

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