Sunday, 5 October 2014

Oh October!


October has been so eventful already. I have had a job interview for something actual media-related! It's a (paid!) part time opportunity that would last for 6 perfect months. I was as prepared as I could have been and gave it my best shot, so fingers crossed! To kickstart my Master applications, I finally took advantage of the career services of my Uni. Now I just need to figure out funding- and the personal statement needs to be written with just the right amount of perfection and passion. Easy peasy, right? 

So while fourth year is all fun because we are now among the wisest of all and obviously own the uni now (ha we wish), there is that little nagging thing called dissertation. As the weirdo I am, I have been looking forward to writing my disertation ever since May, when I was in Texas and felt so inspired to create this beautiful little piece of research that I am going to be really proud of.
Right now everything is still a little foggy in my head because my topic keeps shifting, but hopefully that will clear up soon!

And to make this post proper random- Yesterday I worked as a waitress at the Edinburgh Oktoberfest. In a dirndl (and this is deff not a thing in the part of Germany where I am from!) 
Being German abroad makes you do weird things, let me tell you.
If the rest of this month is gonna be as cray cray as these past days, I better get ready-

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