Friday, 23 January 2015

Livin' da vida loca. On a Yacht.

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I remember around 2 years ago, I (repeatedly) stumbled across the blog of  'The Londoner'. It was definitely one of the winter months and I was freezing in my room in Edinburgh, while starring at her pictures of the Yacht Week. (You pretty much spend a week on a yacht, sail around either Croatia/Greece/Turkey, while you tan and party all the time) I remember being overwhelmed with this growling sense of jealousy, but at the same time I also had this tingly inspiring giggly feeling in my tummy because I knew I was gonna do this, one day. When the time is right-

Well I guess the time came!


I think we both freaked out when we watched the promo video for the Yacht Week, bursted into a hysterical laughing fit because we were both so excited. Long story short, we did some more research and decided to go with a different company. It's quite a posh adventure, that Yacht Week thing and we were not sure if that was quite 'us'. So we went with MedSailor, another company offering holidays on yachts with a more "down to earth" approach and chose the Croatia route. Now here we are, deposit is paid and now we are counting down the weeks. Our post graduation treat!

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WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! I have been meaning to go to Croatia for years and why not explore it on a yacht? Haha!

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