Saturday, 24 January 2015

Moments I cherish ♥

I don't know if I ever mentioned it here, but when I left Texas/America after my semester abroad, I flew home a bit early so I could make it to the wedding of my aunt and uncle. Huge parties like that don't happen that often in my family, so after some thinking I definitely wanted to go home for that. I don't regret this decision in the slightest, as this turned out to be the most fun event ever. I stepped out of the plane in Germany, got picked up by my friends and they drove me straight to the venue for the ceremony. I got changed in the car, put on make up and was ready to go. It was such a weird feeling to see my whole family right away, and a moment I will never forget. Everyone was like- where did you just come from? And the fact that I just arrived from New York was so surreal. Now this picture though was taken the next day (morning?) after the actual party. I caught the bouquet, obvvvv.

Miriam came to visit me for Halloween this year and she stayed a few days longer. On the last night, we went to a Boy & Bear concert and had the strangest night ever. We were actually kind of late for the concert, because we played Card against Humanity with my flatmates, danced around my room and took pictures for waaaaay too long. And this picture is actually a quite accurate representation of us, haha.

Talking about accurate representations, haha. Juuuust kidding, the picture where I make a weird face just didn't make the cut (wonder why)- This was taken in Turkey last summer. We had the best time, just switching daily from pool to beach to pool to beach.

Last but not least. This view will probably be new to everyone- but let me tell you. Behind Denise you can see the skyline of Austin, TX. My exchange uni St. Edward's is located on a hill from which you can always see the skyline of Austin. It was THE BEST. And everytime we walked past it at night I wanted to take my tripod and camera there. That never happened until the very end of the semester, when magical circumstances allowed us to sneak out, set up the tripod on the steps of the main building and play around with it. I remember that the sprinklers were on and drizzling on us- it was a super warm night and we only wore our little flowery dresses and no shoes. BLISS.

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