Monday, 19 January 2015


This post will probably mark the end of a Sunday, so most of you will be reading it on a Monday (urgh). But hey, let's focus.

This Sunday I spent COMPLETELY in the living room with ma fellow flat mates, taking turns on making tea and eating leftovers from the party (cake for breakfast, holla), writing important stuff like dissertations and googling not so important stuff. And on my part, watching everything that YouTube has to offer. Oh the Internet is a glorious place!

Anyways, first week back to Uni- and it's slightly scary. Plus this weather man, this winter in Scotland is horrible. The wind takes the fun out of wearing your hair down and outside life in general, the rain does the same, and the temperature only numbs your soul. I read the other day that the guide to surviving the winter is just doing something fun every week, and then the 9 weeks (jesus) will fly by. For a second I thought about it and was like yeh, I can do that. But then it occured to me- no no, in nine weeks I will have submitted quite a few essays, most of my dissertation will be written and I will hopefully have some clue about my masters. UMM I changed my mind, SLOW DOWN WINTER, NOW!!
Panic attack aside, we can still have some fun. In tiny doses. Right? Yes. Like Margaux's french themed birthday parteyyy this weekend. Mona and I dressed up as French maids and were obviously super helpful in our role (okay I'll be honest, some of the guests complained that we were not just serving the food but more eating it by ourselves...)- but who can say no to wine and cheese?

In other news, it's Oscar season! I am SO excited to watch all the nominated films in the next few weeks and seeing so many Brits nominated is pretty cool as well (even though I am gutted seeing the lack of women as directors etc, again). Going to the cinema is pretty much the only activity you can do these days (see complaints about weather earlier).

And on a final note, probably everyone will have totally noticed the lack of hair on my head. Yes yes, I am now sporting a super fun lob (long bob for you non believers) and it's okay. Meh, hair- whatever.

There you have it, a depressing wintery post.
au revoir people!

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