Tuesday, 3 February 2015

On a shitty day...

...that is a Monday (& Tuesday), of course.

my phone won't charge.
having to do the gym class without your friend
my laptop prefers the blue screen of death most of the time
my shower was only warm for about 5 minutes
my electric blanket is dead
no fun food in the fridge
and my room is pretty much the same temperature all day, the radiator doesn't change a thing. (hello 13°!)

I hated yesterday (and to be honest, today isn't much better either).

My 5 step program against today:

1. This new wallpaper

 2.Steal your flatmate's hot-water bottle

3. Watch these super hilarious sharks during the halftime at the Super Bowl

4. Drink leftover wine

5. Eat Haggis (yes!)
I cannot tell you how much I have grown to like Haggis. It is THE BEST comfort food in winter, spread the word people!

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