Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Trailer Love. Spring is gonna be awesome!

Pitch Perfect is a film I could watch everyday. When I need cheering up, I watch the scene of the final competition (IT'S JUST SO GOOD) and when I want to clean my room with some entertainment in the background, I put this film on (it obviously never ends well and I just watch it and don't clean). When I was travelling through Louisiana last May, they were shooting near Baton Rouge (they are using the University campus there) and we ran into Rebel Wilson in a restaurant! Such a weird and cool moment. Ever since then, I am just buzzing for the premiere of the sequel- and it's almost here!!!!
Right now I only know two categories: before and after dissertation submission.
So anything in spring means that the dissertation is over, aah so exciting!
Here we go then, films I am super excited for:

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