Friday, 27 February 2015

Guilty pleasure TV shows

Some days, when Margaux and I are "working from home", we end up in front of the TV watching these lovely daytime shows. There are a lot of different shows, some of them make us yell at the TV, some make us hide in the blankets because of crrrrringe,but then there are these shows,...that make us shed tears of happiness.

The first one up: Undercover Boss Canada.
Oh my, this show! The big boss of a company goes undercover and pretends to be a new employee within their company, to find out how employees are doing and so on. They always find the most amazing people who sacrifice so much for their work and have sad life stories. In the end, the boss shows their real identity and gives amazing gifts to the super good employees. AND THEN EVERYONE CRIES. It is great the best.

My personal guilty pleasure- The Millionaire Matchmaker. I don't know what I exactly like about this show, but it is weird and makes you cringe and awww and then cringe again. Especially when Patti yells at all the men for not complimenting their women.

Oh and this one. All these "housewives" and their lives. Women hitting each other, throwing Botox parties, and so many other things. It's just such an easy watch, and it gives you all the emotions. Fury, hate, anger, jealousy, disapproval and all their friends. Haha.

So here you go, out guilty pleasures.
What's yours?

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