Wednesday, 25 February 2015


holding the rainbow in the Lake District

Seeing that February is pretty much over (on Saturday), let's do a recap.
I actually made a February resolutions-goal list haha, and of the five things I only crossed one off. Writing my dissertation was/IS one of them and that did not really happen, haha oh jeez. Although I have to give myself credit, I will continue writing it starting Thursday. I still have class at the moment and other silly essays hat priority. But Friday, let me tell ya. Everything will be different from that day. I have been sick for a week now, I got a stupid cold that turned in to me turning half deaf. FUN! I live in this super fun bubble at the moment in which I can only hear myself really loud (in my head!) and everyone else... not really. For writing essay that was actually not that bad.. but for going to lectures.. not that much. So I am praying that this will go away- like NOW.

What else happened in February? Not much, I think.
Much writing essays, thinking about dissertation, not really writing dissertation, thinking some more about dissertation, (still) not panicking about it, a few cinema dates, a few gym classes, two beautiful bus trips that earned me some money, and a lot of blanket cuddling-radiator hugging-comfort food eating days. Oh well, it is still winter. 

So bring it on March!
Maybe making this a bit more public will motivate me more. 

go to a hot yoga class

write my effing dissertation (THIS IS NOT A DRILL JOYCE!)

go crazy for St. Patrick's Day because I finished my dissertation draft (see above ><)

slowly get rid of things I don't need (our move out date is end of May, help!)

finally go to all the art galleries in Edinburgh

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