Thursday, 5 February 2015

Throwback Thursday- Life in NY

Oh, how sweet it is to be stumbling across your old pictures when doing a backup. A tiny throwback Thursday to my Au-Pair year in New York.
On my friend's birthday we went on a horse carriage ride through Central Park. We ate cherries and were confused about how slow we went.

It was Valentine's Day, all the girls in the family got flowers from my hostdad- even the cat haha. Then I met my friend and we had super fun milkshakes from Wendys. Oh and my hair color! I can never stay away from dying my hair blonde...

And that time I got my tattoo...!!!! My face is not super accurate, I mean it was painful but definitely surivivable haha

Learning how to snowboard.. and failing. At the end of that day, I lost my voice and my butt was blue. Oh and I got a horrible cold. Skiing is more my thing I guess.

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