Tuesday, 24 February 2015

6 favorite Oscar moments

1. Arquette's acceptance speech

After watching 'Medium' for years, I really do like her and it was good to see her on the big screen for once!!!! I am all for acceptance speeches that go beyond 'thank you mommy and the academy', and this is one of the good ones from this year.  How can you not like her? And Meryl Streep's reaction haha, amazing. U go girl!

2. Legend's acceptance speech
Goosebumps! Standing ovations and crying is a tough combi 
3. Chris Pine crying
This is pretty much a follow up of the previous moment,  BUT OMG HE IS SO PRECIOUS!!!!! THAT KILLED ME. Beautiful men crying this beautifully... Can't handle this shizzle.

4. The dresses obviously 

5. Anna Kendrick 

I remember watching 'Up in the Air' and thinking that she must really be going somewhere...  And I never ever thought that this will be it..  It absolutely amazes me to see someone to become so successful within only a few years....  And the whole singing thing, jeeez why is she so talented?!

6. Graham Moore's acceptance speech
I wanted to only share five moments, but how can I chose? This was gorgeous and so heartbreaking. Generally, I thought Neil Patrick Harris held back quite a lot (although I loved his first joke), and Sean Penn is such a (racist?) weirdo, but I love the excitement and the show! And obviously we took this opportunity to make loads of food and lapse into a food coma. Yay!

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