Tuesday, 2 June 2015

LIFE- turning 25 and so on

flatmates doesn't cover it
I had this post drafted for a few days now and the first draft of this post was actually really depressing, haha. So I never posted it and I feel now is a better time to write this.
What's my life like now then? Well.
Let's start around two weeks back. Me and my flatmates were sorting through three years of stuff, getting rid of last years Halloween decorations, figuring out how to get all of that stuff home and other places. URGH! Moving is not that easy, people. Every time you turn, there is another pile that needs packing.
After all of that, they left me. Both of them have completely moved out, their rooms are all empty except for mine. Our flat contract runs until the end of June, so that's how long I am staying here. Aaaalll by myself. With nothing to do but pack and clean. Blurgh.
Fast forward to now, after some really boring days, a friend of mine came over and is staying with me. Life is fuuun again! We had some really good days, nice food, fun times with friends, and just hanging in Edinburgh.

It is also my birthday on Thursday, which I am looking forward to (I think). I have never celebrated my birthday in Edinburgh before, because it always falls in to the uni-free summer time and while I always loved my summer birthday,  now it is simply annoying. So here we go, last year in Edinburgh, first birthday. I think about six of my friends are here haha, so it'll be a small party but hopefully a fun one. 
I already bought my birthday outfit (one for the day and one for the night), so I am all set for the day. I also feel I have treated myself to a million unofficial birthday treats already (I love buying 'gifts' for myself haha) but whatever, you only turn 25 once.
Yes that's right, the big scary mid-twenty crisis age. For this occasion I read all of these articles about things you need to know when you are 25 and bucket lists kind of things... they are frrrreaky.
I have known for a while now that I will finish my undergrad when I am 25 and that I probably won't have a car, or savings, or my own flat .. or anything 'grown up'. And I am so fine with that. No one know what that means anyway- being a grown up. 
I think what's scary for me is that this seems like a cut off day for many things. I need to pay for my own health insurance, a lot of funding and discounts stop when you turn 25 ...aaah, I don't feel like I am ready for that! In that respect, I am glad for my MA course. I hope that this is my niche, my thing, my career. If not, then... mh I don't know. I guess we have to see.
AND to end this weird stream of consciousness, another picture of my flat babes.

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