Saturday, 16 March 2013

Edinburgh for film lovers {a small guide...}

Why did I not think about this earlier? Films are the reason I am here, so let's see what Edinburgh has to offer in terms of films...

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The Cameo used to be an independently owned cinema but has been bought by Cineworld recently. They said nothing would change and so far nothing really has, which is nice to see. The most expensive ticket is 5.80£ (concession), so that is alright!
I have a membership for this one, which was 22£ for a year. You get 3 free tickets, free membership screenings, cheaper tickets and ladida all that stuff... Julia and I checked in our first free ticket for the Lord of the Rings marathon which was about 13£ for students, so that already made the membership worth it! Once a month they host a film quiz which is seriously so hard that I probably know one right answer the whole evening- fun nevertheless.
Slackers Club is a cool thing they do as well. If you go in to the Cameo (as a student) and get your slackers card, you can go to one free screening every month. They advertise the screenings on their Facebook page.

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The Filmhouse
This is a proper small and cute independent cinema. They pretty much don't show Hollywood mainstram films. Their actual cinemas halls are very beautiful but sometimes a bit too tight in terms of leg room. 
I have a membership for this one as well.  I only paid 5£ back in September because they had a special offer for students. It is usually around 30£ which I find a bit too much. Howeverm, you do get 1.50£ off tickets, loyalty points, % off stuff you buy, invitations to special events and so on. Until recently they were probably the cheapest cinema here in Edinburgh, but they have raised them just couple weeks ago. They have a nice cafe with super yummy cake and other food. No popcorn or that sort of stuff. They also host a film quiz which I liked better than the Cameo one because I actully knew some answers! Sometimes I find the people who go there a bit snobby, but usually it's pretty fun.

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Vue (Omni Centre)Vue Cinema is right up my street, which I love! 5 minutes walk to the cinema is pretty much a dream come true. Unfortunately they have pretty high prices and all that other annoying stuff that comes with chain cinemas. But they have amazing seats, even better VIP seats and all sorts of films.
I have signed up for their newsletter where they sometimes advertise competitions or raffles and last year I won two tickets to see Pitch Perfect earlier than everyone else. That was pretty cool, so no complaints there.
Also, if you have to buy a drink at the Vue: Go to their "basement" and the vending machine there only charges 1£ for a coke. Or just go to Tesco beforehand and hide your snacks in your bag.

There are several other cinemas, but these are the ones we mostly go to. I love when we get stuff for free and so far these cinemas have been great!

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