Tuesday, 12 March 2013

HAPPY NEWS! {Texas, here I come}

sharing my good news
So yesterday was finally the day that certain e-mail came. The email said this:

Dear Joyce

Thank you for your exchange programme application. I am pleased to inform you that you have been successful in gaining a place and you have been selected to apply to St Edward’s University.

This email is not an automatic acceptance to your exchange institution. In order to make your application to St Edward’s please see the attached information.

As soon as I read the word pleased my heart stopped for a bit. I was in my pyjamas, about to make my breakfast. All alone in the flat. It felt just like when I read the email saying I got accepted at Queen Margaret. My first reaction always seems to be... 'wait what?'. Then I might have screamed and danced a bit. And then I called Julia, haha (who is going to New Zealand btw, saay what).
Because sharing these news is the best part!

I am so so so lucky- I know I still need to apply directly to the University, buuuuut my lecturer already kind of assured me that they 'owe' us. I hope this certainty won't kick my ass in the end, we will see. But for now: