Tuesday, 19 March 2013

inhale... and exhale

This last week was so busy, jeeeez I am glad that is over. Finished this essay today, first time where I was not sure if I would. Politics are really not my thing and critically evaluating something like that? Nooo thank you. I kind of liked it in the end because I wrote about Kony 2012 and Occupy Wall Street. Anyways, the next two days I can breaaaaathe. And then start my next essay, and our video project and and and...I am just waiting until 2nd May, which is the day of our exam. And that means I am done with second year! Insanity, it feels like I just started and now I am halfway through my degree.
In a way I am glad my course is 4 years long.

Otheriwse, what would I do next year?
No clue.

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