Friday, 8 August 2014

Fringe Diary #1

Dear Fringe,
the weather gods certainly don't mean well this year. Loads of rain and silly dark clouds. Not fun.
Work is relaxed and good fun because my team is great (hooray). So far no customers have yelled at us (yet), no one puked in to our venue, no one had to be escorted out. Thumbs up!
My best food award so far definitely goes to the BBQ pork hot dog thing at the food truck in the Assembly George Square Garden. My go to drink is the cheapest beer with lime juice because I don't like spending over 4 quid on a tiny vodka+cranberry. No thank you.
I still haven't managed to get organized and bring lunch to work, which is why I enjoy sandwiches/soups from Cafe Musa and Cafe Espresso (I have to admit, they know me personally by now). Oh the perks of paid work, you can actually spend some money.

Here are the shows I have watched so far, in no real order.

I was freaked out by their costumes but they are endlessly talented and their song medleys will give you goosebumps. The part where they pick audience members to go on stage will give you goosebumps too, but the ones I don't like. Ugh.

So glad we picked this show, these guys are so sweet and funny and have a great idea for the show which is inspiringly innovative and hilarious.

He was part of the last season of the British Bake Off and in his shows, he actually makes cake for the audience. That's all I'm gonna say, because it should be enough to make anyone want to go.

4. Foul Play. The f*cking nasty show// This was a show that starts quite late, so the performers are drunk and turn in to racists, justify it by pointing to the title of the show. Thank god each one is only one for about 8 minutes. I enjoyed one of the eight performers, the rest was just a big too much. If you are into nasty comedians, then this is your show!

5. 50 Shades! The Musical// I really enjoyed this, more so because I actually read the books- their parody is spot on and worth watching. 

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