Sunday, 17 August 2014

ROAD TRIP// Nashville

Nashville was the first big city we visited after a whole lot of Alabama countryside. We stayed in a super dodgy motel (again), so we shut the curtains, avoided eye contact with fellow motel mates and got ready for a proper night out. We wanted to go line dancing as a proper cowgirl would do, but of course the dance hall was closed. So we went across the street, hung out at a typical American dive bar-  we made friends with the bartender and everyone around us, had a great night (and a huge bill) that ended with us running from the parking lot straight to the sketchy motel room to avoid unwanted attention.

The next day was slightly corrupted after this extensive night- we still went to the Nashville Country Music Hall of Fame, which was really cool. I wish we could have stayed longer in this great city, but we had to drive to Memphis that same day.
Aw Nashville, you are a babe.

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