Tuesday, 19 August 2014

ROAD TRIP// Memphis

Memphis was pretty much our last real stop, but we cut it down to just one day because we spent more time in Alabama. You hear a lot of stuff about this city, people warned us about it, said it's not safe for two girls to go there by temselves and all of that. After certain incidents in Texas and elsewhere, we were definitely trying to be "safe" (whatever that means), by driving in daylight, staying away from dodgy alleys and all of that. 
Memphis was beautiful, not at all scary in this beautiful weather but we still just drove around to get a feel for the city. It is a shame we didn't do anything at all and again, you need a lot more time in this city to experience it the right way.
Elvis had his house here, Martin Luther King Jr got shot and died in this city, it is home to the Memphis blues and soul- the city is bursting with charm and character, waiting to be explored.

First we were randomly driving around, but then we just followed this beautiful old car in front of us and it gave us a sightseeing tour around Memphis haha.

the car we followed

the motel where King was shot, it is now the civil rights museum

a glimpse of Beale St, the famous bar/club street

Moving on to Elvis Land

this is the wall in front of his house, full of messages for him

the beautiful house, tucked away behind trees

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