Monday, 18 August 2014

Fringe diary #2

There are certain moments where you are so caught up in the Fringe madness, you forget what the real life feels like.

I took a half hour bus ride to finally get a hair cut and here in the south of Edinburgh, it's like the Fringe doesn't even exist.
But then you come back and have a wine and cheese night on a stage where Jason Byrne is just hanging out next to you. This has become my weird August reality. Your team becomes your family and it feels weird when someone has a day off.
You walk home in absolute daylight, wondering how the night went by so quickly. For me the some days only start at midnight, when I'm finished with work.

Edinburgh is transformed during August, there are always people everywhere, all the shops are open late, it is so different than other months.
At the same time, as much as I love Edinburgh and the Fringe, it also make me aware of how much I prefer films and that whole scene. I'm not a theatre person, I hate acting, I can actually fee how different I am from these drama students, performers and theatre obsessed people. I enjoy good comedians, a well written play and an entertaining show, but I think it ends there. Film is much more my scene, I would prefer watching weird films over watching weird Fringe shows any day. Why do I still do it, working at the Fringe? Because festival goers are fascinating and mostly lovely people and helping them pick great shows in this sea of possibilities is rewarding, especially when they come back and tell you got much they loved a certain show. And a month long festival is a one of a kind thing to be part of. That's why.

And again, the shows I watched recently:

1. Rhythmic Circus- Feet don't fail me now

2. Jason Byrne

3. Brazouka

4.The After Party with Alex Rossi and the Rhythmic Circus Band

5. Best of the Fest

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