Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Current obsessions

1. Snapchat

I have always been slightly confused by Snapchat, but I guess it just takes some tutorials by obsessed friends and some fun people to follow, and I cannot stop using it. Not so much creating stories, but stalking others and following the live city stories and events!

2. Zoella

This girl is seriously everywhere in the UK- she's a YouTube vlogger that has over  8 (EIGHT!!!) million (MILLION!!!) followers, released her first novel, has her own beauty line, and she was in the Band Aid 30 track of this year..- oh and she is going to be made in to a wax figure at Madame Tussaud!!! She has two channels and I really prefer her 'More Zoella' one, where she just films her days and you follow her along.. One Sunday not too long ago I got stuck and watched almost every video. She has been quite open about her anxiety and her flaws and of course she still has a lot of haters (cause the internet is also full of mean people), but really it is hard to dislike her. She seems to give a lot of people inspiration and support, which is nice.

3.  Pretty Little Liars

I have been following Lucy Hale on Instagram for a while now, mostly because of her amazing hair- so I couldn't escape the PLL references. I started watching it just to see what it was like,and afterwards I skimmed through wikis to find out who A is and read a ton of spoilers. And guess what, I still couldn't stop watching. So here I am, 40hours later and halfway in to season 3.

4. Honey roasted chickpeas 
via x
 This is a staple that one of us makes almost every day. Ridiculously easy and SO GOOD.

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