Sunday, 10 May 2015

Favorite Documentaries

It's a bit strange, I would not consider myself an avid documentary watcher, but whenever I do come across a (good) film, I tell myself that I need to watch more of them. When I was in Texas, I took a media communication class in which we had to watch quite a lot of documentaries, that were all really fascinating. Since then I have watched quite a few, so here are some of my favorites.

1. Blackfish

This film has actually inspired me to write this post. I watched this just recently after hearing so much about it. This documentary is looking in to the whales and their lives at SeaWorld. The situation with these animals is really heartbreaking and I have had mixed feelings about SeaWorld for a long time, but now I will definitely never visit any of their parks ever again. 

2. Misrepresentation

This is a documentary that is similar to one I have watched in class. Talking about representation of gender (and race etc etc) in the media has been a fundamental part of almost every class I have taken at university, and this documentary sums a lot of things up quite nicely. Terrifying and depressing, but really informative.

3. Dreamworlds

Phew, this film is a really tough watch. I have watched this over a year ago and it feels like it was yesterday, that's how much the film has stayed with me. It just shows how messed up parts of our culture really are.  

4. The September Issue

This is one I have recently watched on Netflix and I was surprised by how interesting it was! Sure, fashion is interesting and everyone needs to wear something, but designers were never my thing and I never read Vogue either. Nevertheless, it was fun and interesting to watch.


  1. Dreamworlds sounds really interesting. I loved Blackfish & The September Issue. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    1. Oh yeah, I'd really recommend Dreamworlds!

  2. Oh ja, Blackfish ist herzzerreißend! Wir haben den zufällig vor unserem USA-Trip letztes Jahr geguckt und hatten danach keine Lust mehr auf SeaWorld. - Viiieeel lieber irgendwann Orcas in Freiheit erleben! <3