Friday, 25 November 2011

the Scottish accent

I think the biggest sort of shock when I came here was the Scottish accent.
At Uni it is not that different, most of our lecturers have a fairly normal accent and you can understand them very easily. But outside of uni, in the shops and on the street? Jeeez, I remember too many situations where I was walking past people and had no idea what they were saying.

I feel pretty okay with my understanding skills of these (sometimes) strange Scottish accents and find myself copying their accents, especially with words like 'no'.

I found some funny videos of Scottish accents and I especially like the first one just because there is so much swearing. I think it's hilarious the way they swear.


By now I really do like the accent, but I am still lost when I have to interview an older Scottish man on the telephone. Jeeez, especially when I have to record his postcode. He tries to say A, I understand E and vice versa. Thank god for the phonetic alphabet.

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