Monday, 5 November 2012

Broughton Street

@Smoke Stack
I love my street. It is one of those that has the right mix of bars, shops and other stuff. Very busy on the weekends when everyone is out brunching, shopping or smoking outside a bar.

On Saturday we went to have breakfast at the Smoke Stack,which I can only recommend. Really fair prices and good breakfast. Nothing beats bacon and maple syrup.

Tea at the Old Bakehouse, Broughton Street
@Bakehouse via flickr
And because we couldn't resist we stopped by the chocolate store on the way back. Coco Chocolate is the cutest little cafe with so much chocolate (they even have a chocolate school!) The brownies are too good and we kinda went to heaven.

Another super good cafe is the Bakehouse- they make amazing Carrot Cake (not too dry, just perfect!) and the piece is big enough to share. It is super comfy inside and they have this cosy corner with all the pillows. Everytime I walk by I just stare inside (my favorite thing is their cake display with the fairy lights).

@Treacle via tripadvisor
Oh and I almost forget Treacle. Super stylish bar with amazing breakfasts. Very hip people meet for cocktails on a Saturday afternoon while some (as in us) are having a hangover breakfast (until 5pm, genius!). Always crowded on weekend nights and basically never empty, which is insane. The cocktails are really good and they have very nice cosy leather couches, cool music. Love it!

There are so many more delis, restaurants and bars we have to try out but we are getting there... probably when we are done with Uni. Anyway, Broughton Street should not be missed!!!

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