Sunday, 18 November 2012

working girl

via Sunny Gu
I think I never really mentioned that I got a job. SO yaay, I am finally earning money which feels better than ever. Julia worked there last year and because they were really desperate for people and I could not find anything else I started there as well.
So I work for Ipsos MORI, which is a market research company, as a telephone interviewer. Yes, I am one of the most hated people in the universe. We do surveys and nothing else but people yell at you and hang up on you. But then there are really nice people.
And when you are lucky enough to sit next to nice people in the call centre you can share your embarrassing or funny stories and the shift just flies by. Or not.

I am just really happy that I can go out again and don't have to watch every penny.


  1. haha, joyce als telephone interviewer, verr├╝ckte vorstellung! du quatschst doch viel zu planlos!! :D