Thursday, 8 November 2012

SUMMER. 2013

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2013, how weird that sounds.
2012 always reminded me of the film 2012, which I guess is not the most positive association. But 2013 sounds so futuristic. new. far away.
SO what to do?
Returning to camp is still on my mind, but to be honest, I have no freaking clue what I am supposed to do.

I could do so many things that summer: Go to Turkey with Mona and stay at her summer house, visit Margaux and her amazing pool in southern France, go to Vegas (just because) and finally do all the things I couldn't do last time, visit my camp people without going to camp, tour europe, visit Sina in South America, work at the Fringe, stay in Edinburgh...

Too many cool ideas and every day there is another one popping in to my head.

On the other hand, I should really do something related to my degree. Something, anything...
In one of our modules we have graduates from QMU coming in to our lectures and telling us about the amazing things they have done since leaving Uni.. a tiny bit inspiring- but mostly depressing. 


  1. Come to Veagas with meee! Celebrating my second 21st birthday ;)

  2. i liked the south america idea <3
    u can make a movie about puerto varaaaaaaaaaas ... u know for the connection