Sunday, 11 November 2012

semester abroad

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I got itchy feet again and the fact that I could abroad² is veeeery convenient.
We have several partner universities in Australia, Sweden, USA and Canada. My dream would have been to go to Australia but I kinda had to realize that it is impossible to afford that.
So I figured Sweden would be fun and I was happy with my decision (it is too early to apply anyway). 
untiiil I talked to this girl at work that goes to my uni and she went to the American partner uni in Pennsylvania and told me how amazing it was and that the ACCOMMODATION WAS FREE.
I don't have to pay tutition fees anyway, so free accommodation would be like a big big big way to safe money. and for free, omg ?!?
So that was like a couple days ago and ever since I am totally obsessed with that idea.

something is holding me back and I am not sure what it is.

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  1. it is because u know the US already!!! :)