Saturday, 27 April 2013

April {It is spring, finally!}


from the top:
Margaux sticking her hand in to our massive Nutella glas/ Starbucks reward/ homemade smoothies/ I love the app Urbandaddy!
super nice day in Edinburgh/ waiting at the Cameo/ new shoes!/ massive moon/ 
girls at the park/ xx/ Finlay drawing Batman/ nomnom dinner
Frozen yoghurt I/ and II/ Mona and Margaux/ Vanilla Coke is back!

Today was such a nice day and so we walked to Frisky on Lothian Road and got super yummy frozen yoghurt, sat in the park and enjoyed the sun. I am actually really sad that I am gonna be leaving in a bit over a week- everyone else is still here and a lot of the others are not done with their exams. Feels so weird- and I am gonna miss my flatmates so much! Being in the flat all by myself in the summer is going to be so strange.

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