Friday, 26 April 2013

On campus vs. off campus housing {living in Austin?}

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On Monday, we had a meeting about our exchange. We got the meet everyone who is going abroad next year, who is going to the same uni as us and also meet the people already on exchange who came to QMU! First of all, I met the girl who is going to Texas with me. And she is German. How weird is that? Then, we got to talk to the two girls who are from St. Edwards but currently at my uni. They are super lovely and I have no clue why I ever worried about not being catholic (St. Edwards is a private catholic university). They took all my worries away that I had and I am so so so excited for the weather, the food, Austin and everything!!!
However, there is the issue with accommodation.
Of course there is on campus housing, meaning you live in a dorm, share your room (ugh) and your bathroom (urghsghsgh) and everything.  
And yes, I have prejudices. It is just that mostly freshmen live on campus and I am going to be 23 when I am there, not 19 anymore. It also costs around 700$, which is so expensive! 
The girls I met recommended us to live on campus, just because it is easier and all the internationals live there. MH

Then there is off campus housing. 
My idea is to live in walking distance to campus, have my own room and pay less than 700 bucks a month.

But what if am totally excluded from stuff going on, what if I am not going to find anything short term, what if I am just being difficult with not wanting to live on campus?
It is just for 4-5 months. 
Last year, I have shared a cabin with a girl all summer long. I survived.
But do I want to do that in Texas?
I don't know.


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  1. ich glaube auf dem campus wohnen wäre besser - wie die schon meinen mit den activities und alles. wie du sagst du bist da nur 4-5 monate und das ist superkurz um viele locals und alles kennenzulernen...ich glaub so kriegst du am meisten mit und machst am meisten und zimmer teilen ist zwar blöd aber danach appreciatest du um so mehr deinen privaten raum! und denk mal an kampusparties und sowas alles!
    und oft ist es halt schon so dass man letzendlich viel mit den internationals zusammen ist...

    trotzdem glaub ich dass es auch möglich ist da was zu finden. ist ja immer möglich. 700 per monat? oder für das semester? das wäre ja mega krass da könntest du ja schon mit in nem hostel leben.
    und es gibt bestimmt auch immer leute die räume untervermieten.

    hm :/