Sunday, 7 April 2013

summer plans II {summer in Scotland}

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I think I have mentioned this before, but I will spend my summer in Scotland. No uni, just... being here, working and tying to have fun. I am scared to be honest! I feel a lot of pressure haha-
Even though the summer plans are still veeery lose, I have a certain idea of what I want to do.

My summer starts 2nd of May basically, after my exam.Then I will have four days to party hard and pack up my things to go to Germany for a month. Jeeez, one month seems forever taken that I don't work or have anything to do. I reeeally want to go to Paris, so we will see how that turns out.

In June I will celebrate my birthday (probably in Germany) and then fly back to Edinburgh. From the 19th June the Edinburgh Film Festival is taking place here in town and I hopefully will have the chance to volunteer. Fingers crossed for that.
July is completely open. I want to travel but that means money- duuh. So no cluue about that. My hostmom said she wants to visit with the kids, but I am not sure if that will happen.

August is going to be biiiig. Fringe Festival. The largest art festival in the woooorld. In Edinburgh. I applied to volunteer and one company has invited me for an interview (exciiiting). I really hope that works out, otherwise August will be only meh.

In general I plan on maybe having couchsurfers over so I won't be all alone in the flat (Mona and Margaux are gone, basically the whole summer). I hope I won't have to work too much at the call centre- I would rather be outsiiiide or doing something.. else. Haha
Oh and also I "swapped" my Robbie Williams ticket- instead of going in Hannover at the end of July I will go in Glasgow at the end of June. It was too much hassle going back and forth, especially if I am going to volunteer at the Festival. I am a bit sad but that also means I will see Robbie a bit earlier.
(if you wanna buy my ticket for Hannover on Ebay, click here!)

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