Sunday, 7 April 2013

Imagine Dragons Concert {Glasgow 2013}

My last proper concert is aaaaages ago, probably in like 2009? My priorities shifted so much these last years and I think I just forgot how much fun concerts are.
This gig was definately a first in terms of newcomer bands. I have never seen a band being so overwhelmed by everything and so appreciative of their fans in such a genuine way- "I have no idea how you even know who we are" - it was so sweet to see them at the beginning of their career, because I am pretty sure we will never be able to see them in such a small venue and only pay 11 quid for a ticket. Sad in a way, but it felt pretty cool to be part of this.

There is no feeling that can compare when they play the song you love so much. Your whole body is itching to dance and your face is covered in the biggest grin- And I only know this band for like 4 months.  So I have a feeling that Robbie Williams is seriously going to make me cry (or sob)... oh man, at least I am going by myself haha

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