Friday, 3 January 2014

Hopes and dreams #2014

Oh, Austin.

All I can think about is Texas- when I think about the next 4/5 months, I have this fuzzy nervous exciting giddy tickle in my tummy- I imagine crazy cowboy hats, a contagious love for music, flashing neon signs on 6th Street, BBQ food, warm air, cold drinks on patios, charming American accents, football games, iced coffees, red cups, sugary cereal and horrible bread, endless refills on soda, new friendships and hopefully everlasting memories.
Ah please 2014, be good.
I have the luxury of going with a girl from my Uni who is accidently also German. By now I am actually so so excited to be there with her and also share a room with her. The awkwardness of going to lunch by myself is something I hopefully won't experience and yes, that does make me happy.

 And not just that. I already have someone picking me up from the airport, a place to stay the first night, someone to drive me to campus and so on. I couldn't be happier that Kelsey is there for me to show me around after I showed her a little bit of Edinburgh.

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