Friday, 17 January 2014

Processing college life.

The last week has been kind of cazy with so many new things going on, I just wanted to wait until I was properly settled in and things have calmed down before I wrote new posts.
That still hasn't really happened but oh well.

It is FINALLY Friday, thank gooooood!
Classes have started and I properly feel the difference from my Scottish Uni to this one- so much more work! Homeworks, quizzes, presentations...aaah!!!!! At least my classes start at 11am, so that is a nice time. I have four classes and they are all sort of cool: one research class with Denise in preparation for the bachelor thesis, one media communication class about media reforms, violence, advertising... all things I have done already but still very exciting to do it here- the classes are quite different in their structure, but I think I will like it. Oh and then there is a class called French Cinema, and one about Social Media in PR. The class size is very small here, so the teachers already know my name- which is something I do like and very similar to Scotland.

In terms of social life- us internationals are still pretty close, we have lunch and dinner together, go out to town, all of that... we are 3 Germans (me and Denise included), a handful of French people, then Argentina, Chile, Italy... pretty fun group. Our dorm is also pretty social and known as the party dorm, but its mostly reaaally young freshmen.
I love going out to 6th Street, I think it's just great because they shut off the traffic and the whole street is just one long party mile, bar next to bar. It's really pretty and there are so many roof top bars as well- love love love it! Austin itself is such a great city with a cool vibe- a lot of young people, fit and sporty people, sort of cowboyish but at the same time really hip.

I have had a couple of freak outs this week because I just wanted to cook something, anything! But the kitchen here is shared by around 100 people, no real pots and pans are available, I don't have a car to go shopping... I love cooking and just being able to make something. Here they are so dependent on the cafeterias on campus. The last one closes at 10pm and that's it. I feel like a baby here that's not allowed to use a knife. Food on campus is quite nice though, always a salad bar, variety of stuff... and I have a "meal plan", so a big chunk of money on my student ID, so paying is easy and it feels like it's for free, which is dangerous as well. 

I feel pretty much settled in so far, I even have a MINI FRIDGE in my room!! Haha, good to have friends that don't need their fridges. Finding the balance between always hanging out with people and doing homework feels hard though. The campus is beautiful, and the weather is WARM!!! around 20 degrees, which just feels amazing. I have managed to escape the cold winter and I am so so happy about that. Not worrying about wearing a coat is heaven for me. Compared to QMU, the campus here is massive with so many different buildings. It's so greeen though and because it is located on a hill (that's why it's also called the hilltop), you can see the Austin skyline. DID I ALREADY MENTION HOW BEAUTIFUL IT IS HERE?
Ah Texas, I love you.

(this is the campus with the main building that looks like a castle, and then you see downtown in the back)

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