Friday, 10 January 2014

texas #2

Today has been the best day so far. It was warm (!!!!!!!!!!!!), the sun was actually shining, we met so many new people and spent all day with them. My highlight was being invited to dinner (with Denise, that's her in the middle there) by a girl we met today. We went to a great Tex Mex place, there was a proper Mariachi band, margaritas and we seriously had the best time.
I know I already mentioned that everyone is so lovely here but I really cannot say this enough.
Texas and especially my University here has been so accommodating, so amazingly warm and welcoming. I gossiped about Pinterest with my wonderful academic advisor, the guy from the international office just gave me his own usb charger so I don't have to buy one, - and even people often criticise the superficial way of making small talk here, but this is nothing like it. This is a niceness that comes from deep within, a pure goodness in all these people we met so far and it has been incredible.

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