Monday, 20 January 2014

this is my life now.

There are moments I think when it just hits you- "this is my life now".
These last two weeks were super intense, always out and about, catching every event, trying not to miss anything, making friends, going out... which is stressful, as y'all (haha) probably know.

Today, we were sitting in one of the boys room and they were playing guitar, singing songs.
And it just hit me.
Instead of a city centre located flat in the UK with my own room and bathroom, I now share a room with someone in Texas. We share a bathroom with four people. These people are my new friends now, this is becoming my everyday life! Crazy.

Something that just adds to this craziness is the fact that I am sharing a room- You are never really by yourself. No "me time". The times where I wouldn't leave my flat for days are gone. I enjoy time by myself, not being around anyone. But here you are always sociable, always talking, always around other people.
So far I do love it, but I already feel that I am not getting anything done here. Whenever we plan to do homework, we end up hanging out with everyone else until 2 in the morning.
 And now it is almost 3am, I NEED TO SLEEP! Something I really don't do that much here (and that says something, cause I LOVE SLEEPING!)

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