Thursday, 9 January 2014

Texas update #1

Let's start with the fact that I got here fine, KLM is acually pretty neat and had an amazing variety of movies to watch. Kelsey picked me up and I fell asleep in her snuggly bed after playing with her roommate's dog. Perfect ending to the day.
The next day started amazingly with lunch at her favorite place Magnolia (which I can only recommend) and at the end of the day I had a sim card, bedding and a key to my room.
Sadly Denise's flight got cancelled and she was stuck in New York and I had to deal with the fact that I had to go to orientation by myself. Urgh.
But because she is a little mental and very sociable, she somehow ended up coming in to the room at 6 in the morning after a crazy trip, without her suitcase and and a endless rage against her airline United.
By the end of today though, she has gotten her suitcase back due to amazing selfless Austinites.
I am serious, so far we have ONLY met super nice people. Everyone here is ridiculously lovely!!!!
In a way I am not that surprised, but this has really been my number one observation.

and to finish this random diary entry, some lovely random facts
# Austin has banned plastic bags from all shops- love it!
# something in our room is cursed and sounds like the ghoul in Ron Weasly's house - god I hate this noise!
# the campus is FULL of squirrels- a dream come true, let me tell ya
#  my shared bathroom cannot be locked and the toilet is "hidden" behind those cowboy saloon doors- oh joys of Texas

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