Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Halloween- our photo booth

I love photo booths (who doesn't?). So when we have parties, all I really want is a photo booth. Because I think it brings people together and is such a fun activity and definitely makes a party fun.

All we do really is put up a sheet in front of Mona's warderobe (it's massive), set up a tripod with my camera in front of it, put in the right settings and off we go.
It is a sort of annoying work to turn them into these nice photo strips but so worth it- and I love that we are doing something special here.


This was just a tiny selection of the pictures, I think I did around 30 of these strips but this would definitely be too much for this blog.

And to wrap all of this up, here my absolute favorite picture of the night:

The Joker pushing Alice in to Narnia.


  1. ich find ja margauxs blick auf dem bild noch am besten :P