Sunday, 10 November 2013

Scottish Weddings

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Oh Scottish Weddings. Sadly I have never been but I really want to go to one, one day. In the beginning I never realised how traditional they can be and how they have all those little quirks. Take the dancing for example. They do ceilidhs.

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I love dancing like this, it is so much fun and creates this feeling of belonging- what's more perfect than that for a wedding party?
Oh and with that goes the band. Bagpipes, harps, violins... aaah I love it.

Then the food.
Haggis, smoked salmon, hot apple cider, whisky, trifle, scones.. mh mh mh!!!

And the venues.
Scotland has a lot of castles (duuh), which are commonly used as wedding venues. Or anywhere in Scotland really makes a great wedding location. It all looks amazingly romantic and old.

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I just love this- I just wish Scotland's weather was more appropriate for outdoor weddings.

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