Sunday, 24 November 2013

Catch up! {picture time}

Going through my phone and finding all these pictures I think I never shared- reason enough to post them!

After Halloween I flew to London to celebrate Georgie's 21st birthday- meeting up with these girls is the best thing: It's like we have never been apart. We are all shit at keeping in touch and have such different lives but that is not important. Spooning in our hotel bed, being the loudest in the pub, running around barefoot in Piccadilly Circus- I just love these girls to death

Going to the cinema with all the girls to watch Don Jon | beautiful Greyfriar's Kirkyard | Julia and I shooting a promo film in a posh hotel | Oktoberfest | me being obsessed with Tom Hiddleston's dance videos | our amazing dead body outline for the Halloween party | my new amazing friend fom Texas

Me and my flatmates performing Hugh Grant's dance from Love Actually | a night out with the girls

Christmas party! I wish we had a picture of everyone in their christmas jumpers, it was just too good |  My super amazing hair style, done by Mona  ♥ | Party after party: Second party of the night with some other friends

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