Saturday, 16 November 2013

Why my Iphone is gone/ yay new phone!

For only a year I have had my Iphone and ever since the IOS 7 update, it has been getting slooower and slower. It doesn't help that every 2 months my memory is full because I have taken way too many pictures. I dont wanna back them up and then let them be forgotten in the depths of my laptop. I think those recent developments were just the tip of the iceberg- I was swearing at my phone every day for the past weeks and it got to the point where I just wanted a new one. A phone that suits me better, and also a properly unlocked phone that I can take to Texas with me.
After some research I found the lovely Sony Xperia T, the lovely James Bond phone (he apparently uses it in Skyfall). I sold my Iphone and sent it off to its new mommy after my new phone got delivered yesterday and I never looked back.

I am totally in love with it and how much Android lets me personalise my phone (which was the main reason why I didn't like the Iphone anymore, btw). Also I can put in a 16GB memory card, so yay for that! The only bummer about getting rid of my Iphone is that I now have quite a few Iphone cases- Mona already sneaked some of them, but it makes me sad- I wish I could just use them for my new phone. Ughgshsg, but because I can't do that:

A little bit of Ebay inspiration for my new collection:

all from Ebay, here x


  1. Goodbye iPhone and hello to Sony Xperia T! Surprising how your previous phone can’t keep up with your needs. I guess change is always part of anyone’s life. But it’s a good change, I can say, because you ended up with a phone that you love and has a lot more features that you can enjoy. So... Enjoy!

    Jonathan @

  2. You seem very happy with your choice. Good for you! :) The IOS7 does seem to have a lot of problems, including a very short battery life. I hope it gets addressed soon.

    Mary Hagopian @

  3. This is a nice upgrade. It’s good that you’ve decided to go with something more convenient, in terms of memory storage. And I bet the features on this one are just as amazing. Don’t worry about your old cases, I’m sure there are a lot of choices out there for your new phone. Thanks for sharing, and good luck!

    Allen Fernandez @ 1300EasyDial